Date: October 02, 2017 - October 08, 2017
Venue: Marina Green

Fleet Week is a hugely popular San Francisco Event that takes place near our Hotel in San Francisco and brings thousands of military personnel to the City.


About Fleet Week:

If you’re not lucky enough to be in San Francisco during Fleet Week by accident, then be there on purpose. Even if you have little interest in the military, you will after you climb around on a U.S. Navy ship, see the best pilots in the world performing maneuvers over the city, and meet the hundreds of sailors that will be turned loose in the Bay Area.


This San Francisco Event will give you a glimpse in to the life of a sailor in the Navy, and hopefully a renewed appreciation for the things the men and women of the Armed Forces do to keep not only the United States, but people all over the world, safe.


One of the many cool things you can do during Fleet Week is to take a tour of the ships that will be in port. This is something to take advantage of because during this event is the only time non DoD personnel are allowed on these warships, and there is a lot of interesting gear that most people never get to see.


Climb inside one of the Destroyer’s 5-inch gun mounts. Take a walk around the weather decks and imagine what it’s like sailing through a hurricane. Take a turn standing watch on the Bridge, check out the chart table, the RADAR scopes and the bridge wings. Just don’t sit in the Skipper’s chair, you have to earn that, or get authorization from the top.


One really great exhibit at this San Francisco Event will be Humanitarian Village. This is an interactive presentation of the U.S. Military’s capacity to render humanitarian aid during disasters around the world. This year’s Fleet Week in San Francisco is dedicated to the memory of Captain Jeff “Kooch” Kuss, a Marine Corp aviator and member of the elite Blue Angels who died doing what he loved. OOH RAH KOOCH!


This San Francisco Event is taking place close to Hotel Diva. If you want ultra-modern Accommodations after honoring our Armed Forces at Fleet Week, look no further than Hotel Diva. Our sleek, sexy Hotel in San Francisco isn’t right for everyone, but it might be just for you!


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