Planning a stay at our San Francisco Hotel and wondering about top San Francisco Things to Do? Here are some frequently-asked questions about San Francisco Activities. You can also view our San Francisco Activities Guide.

Q: We’re planning a summer stay at your San Francisco Hotel. What are some of the top San Francisco Activities that are nearby?

A: You’ll find many San Francisco Things to Do during your summer stay at our San Francisco Hotel. One of the popular San Francisco Activities near Hotel Diva is attending concerts and other performances at The Fillmore, the American Conservatory Theatre, and the Carran Theatre. The latter two theatres are located right across the street from our Hotel. Other options include walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, riding a cable car, visiting Alcatraz Island, visiting with the sea lions at Pier 39, and seeing the buffalo at Golden Gate Park. Enjoying fine San Francisco Dining, visiting museums, and doing some Shopping are other top choices for how to spend your time during a visit.

Q: Are there many San Francisco Things to Do for kids near your San Francisco Hotels?

A: Absolutely! When you visit our San Francisco Hotel with your family, you will be pleased to find that there are many San Francisco Activities for kids to enjoy. A few examples include visiting the San Francisco Zoo, enjoying the hands-on exhibits at Exploratorium and the California Academy of Sciences, burning off some energy at Golden Gate Park, and spending a day on Alcatraz Island. Of course, the kids love the sea lions at Pier 39 as well. You’ll never be short of San Francisco Things to Do during your stay.  

Q: I’ve heard that Shopping is a popular San Francisco Thing to Do. What are some of the most popular Shopping venues near your San Francisco Hotel?

A: It’s true that Shopping is a popular San Francisco Thing to Do, and with so many wonderful Shopping venues located near our San Francisco Hotel it’s easy to understand why. Some of the many popular spots for enjoying this San Francisco Activity are Hayes Valley, Haight Street, Westfield San Francisco Center, Filmore Street, and Pier 39. Of course, the ideal location of Hotel Diva means that our guests can step out of the Hotel and walk to all of the fabulous Shopping available in Union Square.  

Q: I imagine that visiting Alcatraz Island must be a top San Francisco Thing to Do. How much time should I set aside to enjoy this San Francisco Activity?

A: It’s true that visiting Alcatraz is a top San Francisco Thing to Do, and you’ll need a few hours to enjoy it. While visitors are welcome to spend as long on the Island as they’d like, most find that they need at least two and half to three hours. This includes the time it takes to reach the Island by ferry, enjoying the audio tour, and visiting the rest of the Island.

Q: What are some of the San Francisco Activities we can enjoy at San Francisco Beaches?

A: The beaches located near Hotel Diva are the backdrop for a number of popular San Francisco Activities. Some of the San Francisco Things to Do at the beach are sunning, swimming, paddleboarding, and surfing. Checking out the Wave Organ at the Marina District’s boat harbor is another can’t-miss ocean-related Activity. If you’re coming to the City with kids, bring lots of sunscreen and some sand toys and spend the day at one of the lovely San Francisco beaches.

Q: We love spending time outdoors. What are some of the outdoor San Francisco Activities we can enjoy during our stay at Hotel Diva?

A:  If you think you will enjoy some outdoor San Francisco Activities then you’ll be pleased to find a long list of options near our San Francisco Hotel! Some of the most popular outdoor San Francisco Things to Do are visiting Golden Gate Park, spending a day at the beach, trying out the Billy Goat Hill Rope Swing, enjoying some al fresco dining, visiting Angel Island State Park, strolling along Pier 39, or taking a Segway or walking tour.  If you want something a little more adventurous, consider hang gliding at Fort Funston.