Want to learn about San Francisco History during a stay at Hotel Diva? Look through these frequently-asked questions about San Francisco Activities that let you visit some of the city’s most historic sites.

Q:  I’m planning a stay at your San Francisco Hotel, and I’d like to find some San Francisco Activities that will help me learn about the history of the city. Do you have any suggestions?

A:  There are many San Francisco Attractions near Hotel Diva where you can learn about San Francisco History. Some of the historic Attraction near our San Francisco Hotel are Mission Delores, Alcatraz, The Old Ship Saloon, and Cliff House and Sutro Baths.   

Q:  I’ve heard the “Painted Ladies” are a must see for anyone who is interested in architecture. Are these famous homes located anywhere near your San Francisco Hotel?

A: Yes. Many examples lovely historical architecture can be found near our San Francisco Hotel. Those who are very interested in architecture can participate in San Francisco Activities, such as walking tours, that focus on this interesting part of San Francisco History.            

Q:  My husband is a military history buff. Are there any Attractions near your San Francisco Hotel that related to military San Francisco History?

A:  Some military buffs are surprised to learn that there are so many nearby attractions would be of interest to those like military San Francisco History. Examples of these Attractions are Fort Point and Angel Island where Chinese immigrants were held between 1910 and 1940.

Q:  The cable cars seem like such a quaint part of San Francisco’s History. We plan to take a ride on the cable cars during our stay at your San Francisco Hotel, but is there a place where we can learn more about them?

A:  Riding the cable cars is a popular San Francisco Activity that continues to delight visitors of all ages. Guests at our San Francisco Hotel can ride the cable cars, but for those interested in learning about this part of San Francisco History a visit to the Cable Car Museum is a must. Add a visit to this interesting San Francisco Attraction to your itinerary during your next stay at Hotel Diva.

Q:  I am very much looking forward to staying at your San Francisco Hotel and to visiting Alcatraz Island. How much time should I set aside for this San Francisco Activity?

A: Visiting Alcatraz Island is one of the many popular San Francisco Activities that let you explore San Francisco’s History. When you visit Alcatraz Island, you’ll want to set aside at least 2.5 hours to enjoy this Attraction. That includes the time it takes to reach Alcatraz Island by ferry.     

Q: I want to learn about San Francisco History during my visit, and I think a tour would be a San Francisco Activity I might enjoy. Could you recommend some tour companies that operate near Hotel Diva?

A:  Participating in tours is a fun San Francisco Activity and a great way to learn about various aspects of San Francisco History. Some of the companies that offer tours near our San Francisco Hotel are San Francisco Segway Tours, Extranomical, San Francisco Shuttle Tours, and Painted Ladies Tour Company.    

Q: I love finding quirky Attractions wherever I visit. Are there any Attractions near Hotel Diva that fit the bill?

A: San Francisco is certainly not short on quirky Attractions. One example that is located near our San Francisco Hotel is the Old Ship Saloon. This San Francisco Attraction is housed in a ship which ran aground on Alcatraz Island in 1849. Just two years later, a creative man started serving drinks from the hull. Since then, The Old Ship Saloon has, at various times, been a rooming house, a brothel and saloon. Stop by for a drink during your next stay at our San Francisco Hotel.

Q: I’ve read stories about Haight Ashbury and the Summer of Love. Is this neighborhood still worth a visit?

A: It’s true that the Summer of Love is well in the past, but you can still find remnants of that memorable time in San Francisco’s History. Visit a headshop or stop by a consignment shop where, curiously, you can still find velvet pants and lots of bell bottoms. You’ll also want to stop by Golden Gate Park where the very first Human Be-In took place in 1967 – an event which helped to usher in the Summer of Love.