Many popular Events in San Francisco take place near Hotel Diva. Browse these frequently-asked questions about top Events in San Francisco as you plan your stay at our ideally-located Hotel.

Q:  I’m coming to the city for a work-related Event in San Francisco. Does Hotel Diva have amenities useful to a business traveler?

A: Absolutely. Hotel Diva is a top choice of business travelers coming for meetings and other Events in San Francisco. Some of the business-friendly amenities we offer our guests are a 24-hour business center, unlimited high-speed internet, and full Concierge service. A Starbucks in the lobby and onsite dining are other features that business guests at Hotel Dive love.    

Q: My family has decided to spend our Christmas holiday at Hotel Diva. What are some of the holiday San Francisco Events that take place near your Hotel? 

A: Holiday guests at Hotel Diva will find many San Francisco Events to enjoy. You’ll find Events in San Francisco for kids and adults, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the holiday Events that take place nearby are Santa Con, San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker and several fun tree lighting Events.   

Q: What are some of the top summer Events in San Francisco near Hotel Diva?

A: More than a dozen popular Events in San Francisco take place near Hotel Diva during the summer months. A few examples of top summer San Francisco Events are the Union Street Festival, Haight Ashbury Festival, Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, AIDS Walk, San Francisco Marathon, Fourth of July Waterfront Festival, Pride, and many more.     

Q: I want to participate in the San Francisco Marathon. Does this Event in San Francisco take place near Hotel Diva?

A: Yes! Hotel Diva is an ideally-located San Francisco Hotel for anyone coming to the city to attend popular Events in San Francisco – including the San Francisco Marathon. This San Francisco Event attracts runners from around the world, and it’s a great race for both elite and beginning runners. If you’re coming for this or other San Francisco Events, then take a look at our current list of Special Offers.      

Q: Kid-Friendly Events in San Francisco: Are there some Events that take place near your San Francisco Hotel that are appropriate for kids? My travel dates are flexible, so I could work my plans around a fun event.  

A: Absolutely! There are many San Francisco Events that take place near Hotel Diva that kids will love. Some of the kid-friendly summer Events in San Francisco are the North Beach Festival, the Ghiradelli Square Chocolate Festival, and the Fourth of July Waterfront Festival. Feel free to ask the Concierge at our San Francisco Hotel for additional suggestions.     

Q:  I couldn’t get tickets to San Diego’s Comic Con, so I’m considering attend the San Francisco Event instead. Do you know how this event compares to one in San Diego?

A: All of the things you love about San Diego Comic Con can also be found at this San Francisco Event. Meet celebrities, watch or participate in costume contests, buy hard-to-find collectibles, attend panel discussions, and meet others who share your love of comics, movies, and sci-fi. The big difference is that it’s a lot easier to get tickets to the Event in San Francisco. Unlike the San Diego con, which sells out in minutes, tickets to San Francisco Comic Con are much easier to get. Note that tickets are not sold at the door, so you’ll need to buy them online ahead of time.

Q:  I want to come to San Francisco for Fleet Week. Is this a very well-attended Event in San Francisco? Do I need to book my room at Hotel Diva well in advance?

A: Yes and yes! Fleet Week is a hugely popular San Francisco Event, and many will come from out of town to attend. For that reason, it is a good idea to book your Guest Room at Hotel Diva as far in advance as possible. This is true not only for Fleet Week, but during other top Events in San Francisco as well. Whether you’re coming to see the Blue Angels perform during Fleet Week, or you are attending some other San Francisco Event, Hotel Diva is an ideally-located choice.     

Q:  Can you recommend a place where I can read about some of the most popular San Francisco Events?

A: Yes! Hotel Diva wants to help our guests find some of the most popular Events in San Francisco. With that in mind, we have put together a San Francisco Events Guide which lists some of the top events of the year that take place near our San Francisco Hotel. Of course, our helpful staff is always willing to suggest additional events.